Mario Kart DS ID microformat

Purpose of the MarioKart DS ID microformat is to identify the friend ID of a Mario Kart DS gamer. Each player can have a list of friends identified by such an ID to play with via the Nintendo Wifi Connection.

Being a microformat it can be easily embedded into an XHTML page, by using a class attribute enclosing the text contaning the ID. Simple example:

My MarioKart DS ID is <span class="mario-kart-ds-id">390901938389</span>

More extensive example showing it in relation to the hCard mircoformat:

<div class="vcard">
Name: <span class="fn">Takeshi Kovacs</span>
Email: <span class="email"> </span>
Hometown: <span class="locality">New York</span>
MarioKartDS-ID: <span class="mario-kart-ds-id">390901938389</span>

If you use firefox and the amazing greasemonkey extension you can use the mario-kart-ds-id.user.js (right click "Install User Script...") script to alert you when a page contains a mario-kart-ds-id.


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